Semilla Website, Guatemala, C.A.

Standard format for payment or deposit
Please send a check in the name of "SEMILLA - EMBMC" to account #2760 at the following address:

Mennonite Financial FCU
1532 Lititz Pike
PO Box 10455
Lancaster PA 17605-0455

If you would like to wire money to our account you can use our Credit
Union's ABA routing number: 243-384-897

We ask that you confirm your payment by fax (011-502-485-7620) or email. Please include the following information in your fax or email message: check amount, check number, the date you sent the check to our account, and the purpose of the payment/deposit (for example: student's name and the CASAS term).

CASAS reimbursement policy for long-term students:

- Withdrawal before arriving 90%
- Withdrawal during first 8 calendar days of term 80%
- Withdrawal 9th through 14th calendar days of term 70%
- Withdrawal 15th through 21st calendar days of term 50%
- After 21st calendar day of term 0%

CASAS reimbursement policy for tutorķa (afternoons only) students:

If a student withdraws before the end of the month (or other pre-arranged period of time) for which she or he has already paid, she or he will receive 50% of the balance remaining from the original payment. In cases of severe illness or family emergencies which cause the student to withdraw and/or return to their country of origin, CASAS will restore the full balance remaining.
If you have other questions, please contact us.