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Spanish language, intercultural study and service in Guatemala
Looking for a chance to immerse yourself in another culture? Wishing there was a way to learn Spanish while you lived with a local family, visited Mayan archeological sites and colorful markets, and met local Central Americans who are struggling with complex economic, political, social problems? CASAS has been offering a rich study abroad experience since the early 1990s.
The CASAS approach combines intensive language study with family stays and cultural studies. CASAS students study Spanish during the mornings from 8:30-12:30 in classes of 1, 2 or 3 persons. Afternoon activities include visits to human rights organizations and development agencies as well as lectures by Guatemalans from a variety of backgrounds. Each of the first 8 weeks has a theme, such as social reality, Maya culture, human rights, poverty and wealth, women’s issues, health and development, the arts, religion and faith, or peace-building. During the last segment of the independent term, students choose an organization with which to volunteer for 4 weeks. Typical options include orphanages, agriculture, natural medicine, weaving and education.

CASAS offers classes for both credit and non-credit. If you are hoping to receive college credit for CASAS courses you must indicate this in your registration form and make payment arrangements through your college or university. Visit our CASAS credit page for further information

If your interest is in attending the full sessions with language classes and intercultural study, but without college credit, please visit our CASAS non-credit page.

If your interest is in Spanish tutoring only please visit the CASAS Tutoring in Spanish page.

CASAS has need of volunteers to assist with its program. Do you have a few weeks or months to donate?
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